Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Drones the fastest delivery vehicles

How much it is surprising for you when you ask for delivery of pizza and they say that your drone is in the air! You will feel quite elusive but this illusion is based on facts. This is what we say next is what. You have heard about drones taking away different warheads and use for surveillance. But with the passage of time this terrific war weapon is now coming into access of common people. So no need to be horrified if you watch a drone in the air, it is not for your surveillance no more a sign of destruction. But drone is now replacing your delivery boy…yes it is.
The fastest delivery vehicle:
The news is quite shocking but this is mobile age. The mobility of your deliverable is now assured on much faster scale. Thanks to the new drone delivery services with the help of drone you can easily approach to your deliverables. Now the delivery boy has to find out another mean of earning the money. It is reported that the province of Auvergne of France will pilot newspaper delivery services via drone in May. The official delivery service La Posta Group has started beta testing of the automatic delivery service recently of 20 unmanned aerial vehicles. While FedEx is the staunch supporter of drone delivery service, FAA has gradually started law-making to allow commercial delivery services driven by drones by fall of 2015. So the time is gradually approaching to say Goodbye to those UPS men who are famous for their short shorts.
Is it exaggeration to ridicule?
Well if someone has totally believe on the news mentioned above. Then it is to inform them that this is an April fool joke. Just think about the fact that drone has the capacity of keeping newspaper in a number. Well, US have banned the use of drones commercially but efforts have been made timely to make the use of drones commercially. However till now it’s not true.
Commercial Mobile drone:
  1. But here our used mobile works for us like drones. We send messages, emails, and share files, documents in just seconds with our colleagues, friends and family. Real drones are internet devices not the drone that is driven and controlled by internet. Modern technology has given us the facility to control our daily pro responsibilities by sitting anywhere. So what if drones are not at our disposal we haveSmartphone drones…isn’t it.

Insecurities against drone.
The future of fastest delivery is perceived in the form of drones this is not the bad idea. U.S government has some insecurity that is justifiable indeed. Here at U.S people are more inclined toward technology, and the threat of using drones for personal rivalry is inevitable. Violence in society might be increased that’s why U.S Government is not in the favor of using drones publically. I think smart drones are better than these drones discussed above. We have already reaped the fruits of technology by usinginternet devices on these Smartphone. Modern technology have made the impossible, possible, the role of technology for the betterment of society is appreciated by all circles of life. Nobody wants to see its negative impact over the humanity. So it is better to keep drone technology away from the public use.

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