Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pakistan is not a land of smart phones

Pakistan is one of those very few countries who faced Information technology revolution. Today Pakistan’s urban areas are fully equipped with state of the art technology. And every new technology that is being introduced worldwide hits Pakistan as well. Though Pakistan stand out in the race of per capita cell phone usage internationally but when it comes to smart phones Pakistan still lacks the charm. Internationally the boom of smart phones has touched 79% approximately. But Pakistan where approximately 104 million mobile phone connections are active and approximately having the cell phone density up to 65% is still far behind in Smartphone grabs with only 5% density. This low penetration of smart phones across the Pakistan is due to so many factors.

Lack of local carrier’s interest

If we make comparison of Pakistan with any EU country or Britain than there is some enormous price differences between us. Over there all the cell phones are fully adopted by mobile phone carriers and every individual can acquire them on contract basis. An Iphone Smartphone or any of Nokia mobiles cost almost $200 or less, which is approximately 18000 PKR. But here in Pakistan no Smartphone which is 4G and having a latest platform like android, or IOS cost less than 50K. Now that’s a stretch. People do not afford buying brand new smart phones here because they are too expensive, and carriers do not take much interest in this business model as they think that culture in Pakistan does not allow this. Though some companies like Zong, and ufone have taken the first step for this type of cell phone penetration and mobilink also time to time launch different Blackberry models for business class users, but this business model did not had any immense response from public.

No 3G installation

Another big reason for low penetration of smart phones in Pakistan is the lack of 3G networks availability in Pakistan. Most of the smart phones are data centric and give best use with high network data centers. But in Pakistan most of the people haven’t even heard of 3G network and when they grab a cell phone they really don’t know how and why to use it. Though Samsung Mobiles have recently launched a new line of smart phones in Pakistan, and it is also getting subtle response too but in order to increase the numbers it would require more efforts and more time.

Classic culture

Then another factor that is somewhat stopping this smart penetration in Pakistan is lack of interest on touch screens and elegant mobile devices. Well I am talking about majority here, they do not believe on having a cell phone which is not physically very rigid and strong. And the biggest reason of this perception is made by Nokia Mobiles, who were the first market entrants here. Keeping all these things in mind so many big giants like apple, Vodafone and some other companies have not touched Pakistani market yet and launched here officially. But without any doubt Pakistani market is one of the biggest potential markets for any Smartphone manufacturer. And I am not saying this out of the blue if we look around we would see so many people using iphone, and other smart phones which obviously are unofficial versions but still there is a particular niche market in Pakistan which would love to have more and more smart phone companies coming here.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Why Samsung smart phones are becoming so popular in Pakistan?

There was a time when we use to see Nokia Mobile dominate Pakistani mobile phone market. And after that charm broke people start buying apple for smart phones and Nokia for other platforms. But no one ever imagined that out of nowhere a brand that is known for making TVs and LCD will come and capture a biggest chunk of total market share. And that company is none other than Samsung. In recent times we have seen Samsung Mobile along with its TV industry beating so many mobile phone giants like, Nokia, Sony Ericson and biggest among all Apple. Though apple has not launched their operations in Pakistan officially but it was one of most selling Non-official mobile phone being sold in Pakistan on record. But the trend of using apple and other smart phones is seems to like diminishing after the arrival of Samsung smart phones. That is why in this article I will be discussing some of those many tricks that Samsung have pulled in order to become a mobile phone leader in Pakistan and many other countries.

Scintillating Design

The first reason is its scintillating designs. Samsung came up with amazing mobile phone designs unlike coming up with very orthodox and usual ones. It seems that when they were launching their smart phones they knew it already that they have to beat iphone Smartphone in design and make. They are elegant smart phones with very convenient size and weight and come in different color ranges unlikely iphone who comes in only black and white.

Android and large displays

Another reason of Samsung’s success is their acquisition of android platform and large display’s. Android is considered as one of the most user friendly and amazing platform when it comes to mobile technology. Since Google owns it that is why no one can doubt its functionality and its interface. Samsung intensively depends upon large and bright displays. Colors range in some latest models of Samsung smart phones is much higher than apple’s smart phones. Another trick that Samsung have pulled is introducing tablet PCs along with their smart phones, by keeping Apple’s Ipad in mind.

Price orientation

Samsung smart phones are incredibly price oriented. It is the first ever company who launched such amazing smart phones at very affordable prices. The concept of everyone should have a Smartphone by Samsung is highly appreciated by users in Pakistan. Today a Samsung Smartphone which includes android platform, touch screen, a high profile camera, WI-FI and other features is available in as low as 13k Rs. Appx. Whereas Iphone Smartphone their Smartphone range starts from 35k Rs. This apparently is not affordable for everyone.

Subtle Branding

Another very prominent reason of Samsung smart phones success in Pakistan is its proper branding. Unlike another brand like Nokia, Sony Ericson Samsung has branded their smart phones quite extensively. They have launched so many contest and other events where they have distributed free smart phones in past. And still they are doing proper branding almost on every channel. Another thing that adds up in Samsung’s success is that people trust this brand because of their exceptional television range. And that trust has paid them back intensively in this product too. May be it will take Samsung a little more time to become Smartphone market leader internationally, but facts tells that Samsung mobiles is already a Smartphone leader in Pakistan.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How to choose a best free ad posting website?

None of us like to waste what belongs to us. We prefer exchanging, selling, or even gifting and donating but we never prefer to waste anything. That is against human nature. But buying and selling is the part of human nature. What we think is not of our use anymore we prefer to sell it out and buy a new product according to our need. And just because of this there are so many markets operating, they let us sell our new and old products and earn some money in return. But since it is the age of internet, and everything has gone cyber. So how can this, a very important part of so many people’s life can remain physical only? In recent times we have seen that there are number of classified websites came into existence because they can see that people do not like to go in open markets anymore, rather they prefer to post ads for their merchandise online. But this makes users like me very confused, because when they plan to post ad for their product, they find so many websites around and the decision of posting ad jeopardize. Considering this fact I am writing for all those confused people, that how they can make their decision of choosing a free classified website quite effectively.

Does this website specifically deals with your product’s category?
First thing first, you should know that from which category your product belongs to. And while choosing a classified website always makes sure that they deal with your product’s category. Because for instance if you want to sell some gaming devices, or some Home appliances, you cannot use a free classified website where they only deal with automobiles. And if you will do this, two possible things can happen, first the website will not publish you ad, and if they will it won’t get a proper response since people are not searching for your product on this website. And the best tip in this regard is to choose the one which specifically deals with your product’s category. Posting your ad on a website where everything is being sold is nothing but delaying your sale.

Standard of a website:
Then before posting your ad must investigate the standard of this website. You might don’t want to post your ad on a website where there are no serious buyers and people are just wasting their time. This could be observed by seeing different ads on the websites and their responses that what kinds of responses ads are getting here. Some websites are nothing but the cyber form of some open markets and there you will only see shop owners buy and sell new and used gaming devices, memory cards and accessories, and other products to Home users. Posting your ads on such websites would also be just a waste of time because you would only get responses from shop owners. And we all know just to avoid these shop owners we are posting ads online.

Are there any costs involved?
Then make sure that the website you have chosen is having the facility of posting your ads for free and there are no hidden charges that you might have to face afterwards. But some websites do charge for ads because they advertise your ads differently and you get response for your ads faster. And even if you are a user who wants to post a paid ad, always make a price comparison among different websites.

Monday, 1 October 2012

How to save yourself from scam while exchanging online?

Caution: Do not get scammed

This happens to all of us, that when we buy new products we like to dispose off or sell out all the used and old products. So that in return we can get some money for them. And for that we start visiting open markets where we can sell our used products. But it is not always possible for every one of us to bring the products along and visit the market for the purpose of selling. And even the nature of some products is not as such that you could take them along with you in open market. That is why now a day’s many of us prefer to sell our used products online with a lot of ease and convenience. And many of us considering the fact the prices of everything are going very high we prefer to buy good deals online. That is why there are so many websites available where we can put our free ad and get so many reviews and offers for our ad and can easily sell to the people who need those items. But this is not as easy as it sounds. Both for sellers and for buyers. The world is full of scams. And before buying of selling new or used items online there are several things you should know about.

Things that a seller should consider
First thing that seller should do is that he should not accept any sort of online deposit or online cash delivery. The cash delivery for the product must be physical or in other cases do not send off the product until of unless you receive the cash. And in no situation accept cheque or any other monetary tool other than cash. Because so many times it happens that people deal with fraudulent cheque and when they bounce in banks you will have no one to claim. Then while you buy and sell online new or used home appliances, Gaming devices, or anything in that matter the meeting plays a very crucial part. Never meet the buyer in any unorthodox place or a place where you can be unsafe or have the least protection. Preferably such deals should be closed in seller’s residence or someplace where the seller has protection. Because in so many cases it happens that fake buyers snatch the product from seller with inappropriate ways.

Things that a buyer should consider
And if you are a buyer you should be conscious about the products condition. And in any case do not pay for the product until or unless you examine it by yourself. And make sure that you are buying which you have seen online. E.g. if you want to buy a Home appliances, do examine its condition by visiting the seller. And do not give the cash until of unless you are hundred percent satisfied with the product and its condition. Usually the buyer is suppose to be the one to visit the seller and in most cases with liquid cash in hand. So always make sure that you have enough protection or company with you which can help you out in any type of uncertainty. And in best case scenario keep the plastic money with you not the liquid cash. The best way to save you from any kind of further uncertainties related to product or anything else is that there should be an agreement signed between both of them. And this should include the complete names and information of both buyer and seller. The complete specification of the product and the condition of the product and the price of the product. And both buyer and seller should have consent on each and every clause of the agreement.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Say hello to online ad posting

Thank you Internet

Here is a quick question for you! When was the last time you bought something by reading an ad post in your local newspaper? I bet you have not in a long time. I still remember that there was a time when we all use to wait for the morning newspaper to arrive and then we use to read all the news and ads posted there. But now the time has changed. And it has changed quite dramatically. Thanks to internet availability almost everything that once uses to be physical has gone virtual. From communication to travel, from travel to ad posting almost everything is available online. In recent times I have noticed that people have completely neglected TV ads, or radio advertisement and start using online ad posting. And there are so many reasons for this as well. This is an era of rapidity. No one afford slow and steady movement. And as a matter of fact print ads, TV ads, have sort of slow responses. And especially when it comes to selling old stuff. But on the other hand online ad posting is rapid like anything. If you want to buy and sell new or used home appliances, Gaming devices, mobile phones, vehicles, or even your old clothes. This is the place where you should go first.

Junk of one can be treasure of another

Most of the times it happens with us that we accumulate so many old stuff. And then we think that only putting them in a junk yard is the last resort. Because practically it is impossible for us to grab those things and sell them in an open market. Or post a paid ad for them in newspaper or anywhere else. But we must not forget that those things may be useless for us but that can be very useful for someone else. And thanks to free online ad posting websites that have made it incredibly easy and swift. By following couple of easy and relatively convenient steps you can clear your whole junk yard. And not just these you can earn some money as well from things which you once thought are unsellable.

How to do it?

The first thing you need to do is to find a best free online ad posting website. You may find bundle of these websites as this is one of the very uprising trend now a days. But you have to filter a lot of them and choose one where your ad will get the maximum response. And to do it you have to check the website ranks or already posted ads and their responses. It will give you the brief idea that whether it is a good option for you to post ad here. Once you choose a website now start creating your ads by choosing a product category. E.G. if your product is of daily home use select Home appliances, and then choose the sub category like freezer, TV etc. Then while posting adding pictures of your product is very important and I would say is essential. Ads without pictures do not get response at all. No matter what condition your product is in, must post it’s photo. Because it is a virtual selling source that is why picture is the only thing that actually describe the product. And one picture has more worth than your thousand words in description. Once you have done it all now post your ad and be preparing for selling all your used material. One thing is for sure. Online buying and selling is the future and right now is of great convenience. So it’s about time when you should start using it.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Why Qmobiles are getting famous in Pakistan?

Pakistani mobile phone market is one of the most competent markets. Though the history of mobile phones in Pakistan is not very old. But the market is completed saturated with big players like Nokia mobiles etc. If we go 2 to 3 years back so it seems back then that there is no capacity for any company to come here and do business. But in recent times a new company came in and apparently is currently dominating the market just like any other company do. It is none other than Qmobiles. Nobody ever predicted that Qmobiles would succeed in Pakistani market. And some experts even thought that it will be another entrant in Pakistan like Chinese mobile. But surprisingly it happened absolutely opposite of this and nowadays we can identify so many people living around us using Qmobiles like any other brand. In this article I will be discussing some very basic reasons that make them successful in Pakistan.
Very Affordable
The very first reason is that they are incredibly affordable. Pakistan is a country where large number of people does have a wish to keep a cell phone, but they do not afford a good cell phone and unlike other countries they do not have carriers who provide contract based cell phones. As a matter of fact if we search out the market you will realize that how expensive cell phones are there in the market. A good Sony Ericson Phone or an Iphone Smartphone is not affordable for all of us. But Qmobiles on the other hand is very inexpensive. Nobody including me ever imagined that a full equipped Android Smartphone can be bought in as low as 7k. Qmobiles have recently launched a complete range of android smart phones which is getting immense response in Pakistan because of their quality and price.
Authorize Support Centers
Another big reason for Qmobiles success is its local repair and warranty system. Mobile phones are very sensitive technology and they are very likely to have problems, and if you are using any international mobile phone brand that you most likely have to get it done from an unauthorized or semi-authorized repair shop. But if you have a Qmobiles, and there is anything occur to it you can get it done locally from an authorize repair lab, whether your phone is in warranty or not.

Comprehensive Product line
Another big reason for their success is that they have a very big and comprehensive product line, which almost covers every type of user in Pakistan. We can differentiate people living in Pakistan on the basis of classes, likes and dislikes etc. Qmobiles seems to be considering every class and every possible like and dislike. By collaborating with Swarovski crystal and Yamaha they have launched two cell phones, one which were completely targeting females and got very intense response as well, and another which was completely designed for music lovers with an in built Yamaha music player. Apart from smart phones and these specifically designed phones they have a very cheap line as well which is very affordable for all the lower middle class. E786 is one of the most famous phones when it comes to cheap mobile phones. While concluding this all I would say that without any doubt Qmobiles came up with a sustainable strategy. And judging from this success I would say that in future we can predict more companies coming in.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Trend of using gadgets in Pakistan

I remember the time when newspaper, an old radio, a landline telephone set, and a gigantic TV set which were just able to broadcast national television programs, were the only tools of entertainment available in every household of Pakistan. People use to watch national channels for every purpose like news, entertainment etc. The only channels of communication were landline telephones and post. Radio was the only thing which can play music. And we all were quite happy back then too. But as we all know that time never remain the same. It keeps on changing. But if we talk particularly about gadgets, then time has changed in Pakistan in quite a revolutionary way. Almost every latest gadget and technology is now available in Pakistan. In this article I will talk about the changing trends of using technology in Pakistan and most particularly I will talk about gadgets.

The father of all gadgets

Let’s start with the first gadget, which I would say has proved to be a father of all gadgets. It is none other than Mobile phone. After the technology boom in Pakistan, this gadget has gained the immense popularity. Almost 80% people living in Pakistan’s urban cities are using a mobile phone. Mobile phone has been dedicated as a technology of the decade internationally, and it should be in Pakistan as well. Today, it is the toughest job to identify a single adult or even a teen ager who does not possess a mobile phone. The great contributors in Pakistan’s great mobile revolution are Nokia Mobile, Samsung Mobiles, Sony Ericson, and other companies. The latest mobile phone technology is Smartphone technology. And Pakistan is the most potent market when it comes to smart phones. And this can be witnessed by looking the number of unofficial iphone Smartphone sales all around the Pakistan. It is one of the best selling phones in the history of Pakistan.

Television the most commonly used gadget

Then comes the turn of another famous gadget in Pakistan. Television, which once used to be a big sized machine. But it is now in the smartest shape ever. Statistics tells that more than 70% household in Pakistan are having a television set at their household. This gadget has faced so many revolutions, from simple TV to Plasma, from plasma to LCD, and now from LCD to LED. It is getting slimmer with every passing day. People in Pakistan who do not afford a new LCD and TV buy used LCD or a Used TV, but they do have this technology no matter what and how. Another worth mentioning thing here is that trend in changing technology of a television is also increasing quite rapidly. People who once used to have a television are now having a LCD of minimum a plasma TV.

The others

Then comes other gadgets like gaming devices, Cameras and music players. After the launch of gaming device from big players like Sony and Microsoft the trend of buying gaming device has clearly gone up. Youngsters are buying both portable devices along with classic devices. Music players are another best selling gadget in Pakistan. So many companies like Audionic came into the small, and big sized music players industry, but they haven’t got the desired success because of the officially launched IPOD in Pakistan. Another most widely spread trend is of cameras. After the official launch of Sony, Nikon and canon in Pakistan, this trend seems to be increasing day by day because almost everyone nowadays posses a handheld camera.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Buy Best deals, buy Online

Do not snub your desires:

We are living in an expensive era. We cannot buy anything that we desire. No matter it’s a mobile phone or a vehicle, so many times it happens that we like something but due to its high price and our low budget we prefer not to buy it. But is it fair to snub down our desires? No it certainly isn’t. And due to scam selling and worse condition of different products we normally fear to buy it from open markets. But you have to say thank you to the internet, because now we have so many online portals from where you can buy your desired products and not necessarily new. There are so many internet portals where sellers from around the country post their ads of different products and you can buy from them, without involving any third party into the deal. And with no commission involved. This is amazing right?

New way of buying:

In recent times there are so many new websites are coming into existence where people post their free ads. And buyers like us who want something can go there and search for their desired product and buy it. The most amazing thing on these websites is the number of choices you have. If you want a product of a certain type, you will find a lot of people selling the same product. Plus every seller must put the pictures of the product so it is easy for you to choose among different options by seeing that which product is having the best condition. E.G. you want to buy a gaming device or some home appliances you will have several options for each category.

Don’t burn your calories on buying things:

By buying online every buyer can save a lot of time and headache. Because it is never too easy to visit the open markets and then visit every single shop to buy a product. And then you are not completely sure that whether the product is in good condition or not. And mostly in open markets you will face a lot of professional salesmen who can easily put their magic spell on you with their great experience in this field and will make you buy the bad products. But when you buy from these web portals you will find out that on the other hand there is a user just like you. Who want to sell its product and will cast no scam with you. And mostly these sort of exchanges turn out to be so friendly exchanges.

No third party:

Since these web portals does not involve any kind of middle man involved or any extra commission that is why most of the time you get a lot of good deals here. Plus all these ads posted on these websites are somewhat personally negotiable with the sellers. So you can always bargain for a certain price.
These web portals are getting immense response and today so many sellers all around the country are selling their products online. Because It provides two things straight forwardly one is convenience and the other one crystal clear transactions. If in past you wanted to buy something but you just didn’t it’s time for you to check out one of these websites. Because so many people buy and sell used or new gaming devices , home appliances, mobile phones, computers and what not on these websites, you never know you might get yourself a best deal.

Friday, 3 August 2012

We all love Gadgets

We are living in 21st century. A century of technology and rapidity. Whatever we want to do, some kind of apparatus is always there to accompany us. We are surrounded by machines and gadgets. And the best part is we enjoy living in this era. Whatever we do, we don’t feel thrilled until of unless there is some machine or gadget involved in it. We all daily watch TV, we daily use computer, we daily use ovens, etc. So the crux of the story is that we are bundled with machines all around. That shows our unconditional love towards machines. But as I have said that this is 21st century the more we love gadgets the more they are available in market. And sometimes it gets impossible for us to choose between different types gadgets that how to buy them. Here are few tips by using which you can buy the best gadget.

Look inside your pocket:

First thing first, what is the first thing that you consider while buying anything? Yes, that’s price. Because it is directly linked with your budget. You first think that how much you should spend on whatever you are planning to buy. For example you want to buy a home appliances , and more specifically you want to buy a television. The first thing you should know about is that which brand is coming in your budget bracket. And then you should consider that what that brand is offering. If you are satisfied with the number of offerings. Then it’s the best case scenario. But if it does not then you should see the offering of that brand which comes slightly above your price bracket. And if that’s suits you, you must increase your budget bracket a little. Because it is giving you the value for money. And another tip in this regard is that try to search products online because sometimes you can find best deals on the websites where people buy & sell new and used home appliances , gaming devices, Mobile phone accessories etc.

What people are saying about it?

The other thing while buying a gadget you should consider is the product review. If you have selected a brand or a product out of so many brands you must know that how much people rate it. There is a huge community on internet which works entirely on writing reviews of different gadgets. And the buyer can easily have a very good idea about the product’s features and how those features work by reading the reviews. E.g. if you want to buy a gaming device and you have decided to buy a certain brand you must know that what people are saying about this certain brand. There is another benefit of reading reviews, buyer get to know about the product’s detailed functionality.

Does it have warranty?

The other thing that every buyer should keep in mind is that your gadget must have warranty. Warranty is considered very essential when we talk about gadgets. Sometimes what happened is that we buy a product but after a while it loses its certain functionality. And repairing it locally can snatch its quality and resale value. But if your product is with warranty your product would be repaired by the professional and authorized Lab of the respective company. And your product would not lose its quality, functionality, or resale value. No matter you are buying a new product or a used product always prefers products that have certain warranty to provide you safety.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Tired of collecting old stuff? Let’s rescue ourselves from old stuff

Get your junk yard cleared:

We daily buy things and use them. And after a certain use we start thinking of buying new things. And normally waste the old things. And put them in junk yards. But do you really think it is a good idea? No it is not. There is a famous quote which says. ‘Junk of one can be a treasure of another’. So why waste old things when you can sell them to people who need them, and get value for your products? But we normally have concerns that carrying old stuff with us and wandering here and there at markets does not worth it. We prefer to waste many things or gift them instead of selling them just to save ourselves from the tiresome work of selling them in an open market. But thanks to internet and the classified websites. Buying and selling new and used home appliances, gaming devices and what not, is now as easy as eating a piece of cake. In this article I will tell you that how by performing couples of easy steps you can get rid of old stuff and make money.

Select the best free classified website:

First of all go on internet and search for a top rating classified website. And make sure that this website has a lot of daily visitors and high ranking. And by viewing already posted ads there you will have the idea that whether visitors here respond to ads or not. And also make sure that posting ads on this website is free. Until of unless you want any special kind of advertisement of your product. In such matter websites normally charge the seller. But that too should be a nominal price. And for that make comparison among different websites. And also make sure that this whether this website supports the type of product you are willing to sell. Because if you want to sell Home appliances make sure your classified website has the home appliances category.

Picture it well:

Once you have selected a web site to post an ad .Take a picture of your product. You may write thousands of words but a picture can describe a product more efficiently than your words. And while posting the pictures with your ad make sure that you have captured your product from every relevant angel. Because if you want your product to have sudden and quick response picture should be real, recent, and comprehensive.

Good Description half selling:

And after taking a picture of your product add the complete description of your product. And make sure that it includes all the features and attributes that your product has to offer. Do not miss anything. Because detailed description will gather your more response than low description or no description at all. E.g. If you want to sell and old gaming device make sure that you describe it well according to its current condition and its features.

Categorize it:

And once you have described your product perfectly, select the category very carefully. Because if you will put your ad in a wrong category your potential customers will not be able to locate you while searching for your product. Since you are not in the right category. E.g. If you want to sell an old fridge, or a washing machine. Make sure you have selected Home appliances category.

Be a little flexible:

Be a little flexible when it comes to pricing. Overpricing your product can cause you low response. Plus your product might take a lot of time to sell. And in some cases it won’t get sold at all.

So if you want to buy and sell new or used home appliances, gaming devices, or anything. Follow these steps and get things done in few hours. is one of the best free classified of Pakistan. And deals with all types of gadgets like home appliances, gaming devices, mobile phones, etc.

Friday, 22 June 2012

What makes Nokia Mobiles Asha Range so popular?

I do not think that there is anyone in Pakistan who has never used Nokia mobile phone. We all have used Nokia mobiles or are using them even now. Have you ever wondered why Nokia mobiles are so successful in Pakistan as compared to other mobile brands such as Sony Ericsson Phone, HTC, or BlackBerry handset? Well, the reason behind this is affordability as well as availability. Nokia mobiles are widely available in Pakistan – in urban as well as rural areas. However, high end mobile devices like HTC mobile, Blackberry handset and iPhone smartphones are mostly available in big cities.

Which mobile do people use in Villages and rural areas?

Mobile phone is no more a luxury, as it once used to be. People living in villages, rural areas and small cities also use mobile phones, albeit only a few rich landlords can afford expensive mobile phones.
Low income and middle class people prefer on buying used mobile phones of their favourite brands, or they buy new Chinese mobile or Nokia mobile. Nokia is considered as a durable mobile phone set. No matter how many times it fell down from your hand, it will still be working.

Nokia Asha mobile phones

Who says that smartphones are only meant for rich and elite? Now everyone can afford buying smart phone – thanks to Nokia Asha series. In October 2011, Nokia introduced Asha series - its middle-range smart phone devices. These mobile phones are not only eye-catching but provide all popular and widely used connectivity options to mobile users. From social networking to surfing the internet – Nokia Asha has made it all easy. On 6th June 2012, Nokia released three S40 OS smart phones to the Asha range – Nokia Asha 305, Asha 306, and 311, in Pakistan. All these mobile devices come with full-touch screen. They look awesome and worth showing off. Gone are the days when iPhone smart phone was considered to be the only full-touch mobile phone. Now Nokia Asha latest mobile phone sets has given every one the opportunity to flaunt their handset. Nokia Asha 305, 306 and Asha 311 – which were rolled out last year, gained billions of customers worldwide. These are quite identical mobile phones, except for Asha 311 which is a single-SIM mobile.

Why Nokia mobile is better than Chinese mobile sets?

A few years back Chinese mobile phones were getting immensely popular due to their numerous functionalities and low price. People in Karachi and other cities were mostly buying Chinese mobile phones because they are inexpensive as compared to popular brands like Motorola, BlackBerry handsets, Samsung mobiles and LG mobile due to the high rate of mobile snatching incidents.

Apart from this, Chinese mobiles offer Dual SIM and multi SIM support which made them very popular all over the country. People buy SIMs of different cellular network companies to avail their attractive offers. But not anymore, Nokia introduced its first Dual SIM mobile phones back in 2010 – via Nokia C1 and C2. Now Nokia mobile dual SIM range has extended to Smartphone and touch screen dual SIM mobiles, most popular among them was C2-03. As Nokia is a trusted brand – people have started preferring to buy Nokia dual SIM mobiles on Chinese mobiles.

Last year, many Chinese mobile brands were banned in Pakistan due to security risks. Chinese mobiles had same IMEI number which made it difficult to trace the user. Terrorists were using Chinese mobiles to carry out their heinous crimes in the country, especially in Karachi. This has made Nokia mobile phones even more popular in Pakistan.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Do you enjoy watching Television shows?

Since the advent of Television, people have found a new past-time. Gone are the days when they used to sit idle with bored faces, thinking what to do. There are different types of programs being shown on TV, ranging from children programs, news, discussions, dramas, movies and religious programs. Every day we come to know about a new channel, there is so much that a TV bring to our home that there is no point of getting bored anymore!

TV is a mean of entertainment

After doing all her daily household chores, a housewife enjoys watching showbiz news, fashion shows and soaps on her TV. Children can kill their boredom, especially during long summer vacations, by watching their favourite cartoons and other programs like Art Attack, MAD, and FAQ etc. It is not easy for parents to take their children to parks and play lands everyday as they are busy. The law and order situation in the country also discourages many families from letting their children go to parks and play with their neighbours’ children in the street.

TV is a safe mode of recreation for these children, who are tired of doing their homework and learning their lessons. Some of the TV programs are informative; they teach children many things including those that they usually find boring when they read about them in their books. They learn making different crafts and new techniques of art with paper. Do you have a patient in your house? If yes, than why not bring some comedy movies or tune in to a humorous program so that they can feel better. A patient confined on bed rest often think negative thoughts and feels depressed as they cannot do anything, while being on bed. Watching comedy and humorous programs on relives stress and depression.

People prefer Watching TV than reading a newspaper or magazine

Some conservative people do not like to have TV at their house they prefer to read books, newspapers and magazines, instead of watching TV. I wonder why these people like to read a paper that tells us what happened a day before. TV news are up to date, we get to know about the latest happening on the same day they occur. Is not it nice to watch a live Cricket match or listen to your favourite political leader addressing the public instead of reading briefly about them on newspapers the next day. This is the reason why the people of the modern era prefer watching TV rather than holding large newspapers in their hands, finding any news that interests them.

How does LCD TV differ from LED TV and Plasma?

Gone are the days when we only hear ‘Television’ or ‘TV’, now there are words like LCD TV, LED TV and also Plasma TV. It is really confusing for many of us. Do you know the difference among these technologies? Let’s us explain all those who often get confused when they go to the market for purchasing Used and New LCD TV Flat Screen for Sell in Pakistan.

A ttraditional used LCD TV sets use compact florescent lamp (CFL) back-lighting while LED TV come with Light Emitting Diode bulbs. LED is thinner, lighter and uses less electricity, whereas, used LCD TV’s fluorescent lamp uses more electricity.

Which TV set is better, LCD or LED?

Do you still have that bulky CRT TV set at your home? If yes, then it is about time that you replace it with LED TV, LED TV, Plasma TV or the latest 3D TV, depending on your affordability. CRT TV are now relics of past as they come with old tech displays and are more harmful to eyes and general health as compared to the high-end technologies of the present age. LED TV is considered better than the LCD TV sets due to sharper contrasts. The electricity is getting expensive and you cannot power LCD TV with UPS, during the ongoing power outages. Now you must be thinking that LED TV is expensive. Yes, you are right, but you can reduce your expenses by buying a Used TV. LCD TV does not last as longer than an LED TV, so if you want to buy a TV set which will function more than four or three years than go for a LED TV or Plasma TV.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Attend calls and enjoy your favourite music while on the go!

Do you feel irritated by loud horns honking, people yelling at each other or other kinds of noises that you want to avoid, when you go out at public places, say go for a walk, for instance? Being at crowded places like bus stands, railway stations, air ports and markets often causes headaches. No one wants to listen to the music that we often hear at public places and transports.

How to avoid noise at public places?

Why should we listen to something we detest? The modern technology has provided us with a solution. I get rid of the noises and silly songs by taking wireless headphone along with me wherever I go. It is fun listening to my favourite audios. I feel comfortable standing at long queues, waiting for my relatives at the airport and even when talking a walk in the park. No doubt, mobile accessories like wireless headphone, ear phone, Bluetooth device has changed our lives. They have provided us a way to avoid unwanted sounds and noises from entering into your ears.

What other benefits can we get from Mobile accessories?

  • Traveling charger:
  • Do you travel very often and have to attend and make a lot of calls? If yes, then why not use a travelling charger for your mobile phone. No matter where you are going you can keep the mobile’s juice full all the time.

  • Bluetooth headpiece:
  • Bluetooth headpiece, especially when having a Blackberry handset is a must. It gives one a smart and professional look as compared to those who use ear phones or headphones.

  • Data cable:
  • Having a data cable is must these days, you can transfer yore data and files from your computer device into your mobile phone. Mostly mobile phones come with a data cable, but sometimes used mobile phones, and old models of Samsung mobile phones, such as Samsung E 690 does not accompany a data cable. Customers have to buy a data cable for data transferring. Sometimes your data cable acts as a charger, when you plug it in the USB slot of your PC.

  • Ear phone:
  • Ear phone is very necessary. It enables you to attend calls and even listen to radio while driving, exercising or taking a walk.

  • Mobile cover:
  • Mobile phones often drop accidently and get damaged. We should protect our mobiles from getting disfigured or damaged when it falls accidently or keeping it safe from water spills and rain water by using a mobile cover. Mobile covers come in different types and materials. They not only look nice and fashionable but also prevent your mobile from damages. Some mobile covers or pouches come with a pocket in which you can keep your data cable, ear phone, memory card or your cellular network’s SIM.

  • Screen protector:
  • Screen protectors are very useful. You can protect the touch screen of your expensive mobile phones by using a screen protector. If you have an iPhone Smartphone then buying a screen protector is must for you. No one likes to see damaged screen.

    Is your mobile phone compatible with Mobile accessories?

    Whenever you go out to buy a mobile phone make sure that the one you choose is compatible for mobile accessories. Some mobile phones do not support data cable, like low priced Nokia mobiles. You cannot use data cable made for Samsung mobile with an iPhone or Nokia charger for charging your Sony Ericsson phone. Each charger has certain voltage and frequency which might not be suitable for your handset so always take your mobile charger with you. If you drive most of the time then using a car charger compatible with your mobile device is essential.

    Monday, 21 May 2012

    A Single gadget that can do the work of all the rest

    Whenever we step out of our dwelling we have to take so many gadgets with us, such as calculator, camera, music players, gaming devices, laptop, internet devices, mobile phone and many other things. Sometimes it is not easy to take so many things and their chargers or accessories, with us, especially when one travelling and when there is no place to charge our cameras, laptop and gaming devices etc. But now I have a solution for all these problems. Would you like to know what I do?

    I only keep one gadget with me that serve the purpose of all the other gadgets that I need. I don’t take a separate calculator, jotter, ‘Things to do’ notepad, phone book, pocket calendar, camera, pocket internet device or dongle, laptop and other things. What I take with me is just a mobile phone and a charger. However, if I am going somewhere by my car then I don’t even take the charger. I use a car charger for my mobile phone to keep it full of juice. It saves me from getting late as I do not have to run around the house finding my things and making sure that I have not forgot anything before leaving my place.

    There is no need to buy a camera!

    One is likely to forget taking extra memory cards, charger along with the camera when going out. For instance, last year I went on three months vacations. Unfortunately, I forgot taking the charger along with me. I only managed to take a few snaps and shoot just an hour video that the battery became low and I could not locate any shop from where I could purchase another charger for my Nikon camera. On my return, I sold my camera and used mobile and bought a used iPhone Smartphone! The iPhone was not that expensive and since it was previously used, it had many of my favourite songs and mobile apps. Isn’t it a nice idea of saving money?

    What about Professional photography?

    Mobile phones like iPhone Smartphone and BlackBerry handsets are equipped with nice cameras that provide excellent photography functions and results. So there is no need to have a separate camera when we can take photos and capture videos by using a Smartphone. Now you must be wondering that professional cameras sensor is more powerful than that of mobile phones. Not any more, as PureView a latest Nokia Mobile features a 41 mega-pixel camera. Yes, the PureView mobile phone’s camera is a lot powerful, far better than many professional cameras available in the market.

    Mobile phones can be your internet device:

    We do not need a separate internet device when we can use the internet on our mobile phone. It is easy to take photos and upload them on Facebook via mobile phone, instead of taking photos and then transferring them to laptop pr desktop PCs through a data cable and then upload them on the social networking websites.

    Watch TV on your mobile:

    Do you often miss your favourite TV shows when you are on the go? I used to refuse to accompany my family when they used to go out as I didn’t want to miss my TV shows. But now I can watch TV on my mobile so I have no problem is going along with them. I watch the shows while travelling on the road and also on the train.

    Can your Laptop fit your pocket? My mobile phone does!

    My smart phone has all that a computer has to offer. I do not use a laptop as it not easy to carry it everywhere I go. My mobile phone fits my pocket and I take it wherever I am. I can read and reply my emails, view my files, browse the internet and do everything that people do on a laptop.