Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How to choose a best free ad posting website?

None of us like to waste what belongs to us. We prefer exchanging, selling, or even gifting and donating but we never prefer to waste anything. That is against human nature. But buying and selling is the part of human nature. What we think is not of our use anymore we prefer to sell it out and buy a new product according to our need. And just because of this there are so many markets operating, they let us sell our new and old products and earn some money in return. But since it is the age of internet, and everything has gone cyber. So how can this, a very important part of so many people’s life can remain physical only? In recent times we have seen that there are number of classified websites came into existence because they can see that people do not like to go in open markets anymore, rather they prefer to post ads for their merchandise online. But this makes users like me very confused, because when they plan to post ad for their product, they find so many websites around and the decision of posting ad jeopardize. Considering this fact I am writing for all those confused people, that how they can make their decision of choosing a free classified website quite effectively.

Does this website specifically deals with your product’s category?
First thing first, you should know that from which category your product belongs to. And while choosing a classified website always makes sure that they deal with your product’s category. Because for instance if you want to sell some gaming devices, or some Home appliances, you cannot use a free classified website where they only deal with automobiles. And if you will do this, two possible things can happen, first the website will not publish you ad, and if they will it won’t get a proper response since people are not searching for your product on this website. And the best tip in this regard is to choose the one which specifically deals with your product’s category. Posting your ad on a website where everything is being sold is nothing but delaying your sale.

Standard of a website:
Then before posting your ad must investigate the standard of this website. You might don’t want to post your ad on a website where there are no serious buyers and people are just wasting their time. This could be observed by seeing different ads on the websites and their responses that what kinds of responses ads are getting here. Some websites are nothing but the cyber form of some open markets and there you will only see shop owners buy and sell new and used gaming devices, memory cards and accessories, and other products to Home users. Posting your ads on such websites would also be just a waste of time because you would only get responses from shop owners. And we all know just to avoid these shop owners we are posting ads online.

Are there any costs involved?
Then make sure that the website you have chosen is having the facility of posting your ads for free and there are no hidden charges that you might have to face afterwards. But some websites do charge for ads because they advertise your ads differently and you get response for your ads faster. And even if you are a user who wants to post a paid ad, always make a price comparison among different websites.

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