Monday, 5 March 2012

To what extent mobiles are important for us?

Mobile phones are long distance, conveyable and wireless electronic device used for communication. Just before a few years, mobile phones were out of the reach of common people. Mobile phones are now low in cost, easy to operate, and comfortable and equipped with almost every latest feature we desire. Mobiles have become so important that now it’s the first choice gadget of everyone. This mobile device is liked by people of all ages and genders. Every day new mobiles arrive in the market replacing the old mobiles to satisfy the users. Most of the users tend to buy used mobiles or second-hand mobiles because of their low prices. These users are fond of searching used mobiles which are being neglected by the buyers of new mobiles.

Types of Mobile Phones :
The mobile companies introduce new mobiles time to time in the market powered with latest technology and inventions. Some of the famous mobile phone brands are; Nokia mobiles, Samsung mobiles, iPhone by Apple Inc., Sony Ericsson phone, Blackberry handsets, Q-mobiles and China mobiles. These mobiles are available in the market and customers choose mobile phone according to they own set standards. The mobile phone companies are always looking for to launch more captivating and attracting mobile models than any other company. Some of the mobiles are very expensive and it is very hard for a lay man to buy it. For examples some high-tech Nokia mobiles, iPhone and Blackberry models are out of the reach of a common man. Whereas China Mobiles (Chinese mobiles) has produced replicas of the above mentioned high-tech mobile devices at cheaper rates. China mobiles and Q-mobiles are relatively inexpensive to smart-phones.

But what are the reasons of the downfall in the mobile prices?
These are some reason for the cutback in the prices of mobile phones. Mainly it’s the mobile phone companies that launch new mobile phones very rapidly. Their excessive supply has increased the demand amongst people and lowered its cost. The companies are always in struggle to provide maximum features in a single handset to its customers thus introduce models one after another. Secondly, most of the status conscious people want to buy the latest new mobile soon after its arrival. They often replace their used mobile to buy a new mobile. The used mobiles are sold at a very low price because it loses its demand because of the arrival of the new mobile in the market. There is vast industry established for the purchase of used mobiles. Various mobile shops and online portals allows visitor to sell and buy used mobiles. One can find expensive mobiles at cheaper rates in used mobiles. The web pages or the show case of a shop are often filled with the used mobiles, used iPhones, used Samsung mobiles and a lot of other local and international brands. At the end, the local and china-made mobiles, has also lowered the prices of mobile phones.

How to choose between a used mobile and a new one?
These are two to three parameters to consider the purchase of a mobile phone. New Mobiles are expensive but it gives you the privilege of first hand use and it come with a service warranty and when you want to resale your new mobile soon after the purchase, its market value becomes very low. Whereas used mobiles are low in prices but are not guaranteed to be good in condition. Furthermore, a used mobile can be sold again with a minimum loss in its buying value.


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